I always carry a sketchbook to capture moments of life around me, inspired by my surroundings in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside, and the creatures we share this world with.

I enjoy exploring a wide variety of mediums and processes, working across several disciplines. Sculpting in wire and cement fondue is a main focus, some of my wire work I see as ‘drawings in wire’, delicate sculptures for both indoors and garden settings. Also I print, creating collagraphs, monoprints and lino prints, incorporating mixed media and collage.

The individual outcomes of using different materials and techniques is exciting and challenging, as often the spirit of the piece finds its own voice through the process.

I have taken part in exhibitions across the UK, and have work in collections in Britain, Europe, the USA and New Zealand.

Art is the major part of my life, as well as working in graphic and
publishing design, and art direction of illustration and photography.

 If you are interested in commissioning a piece, collaborations or
general enquiries, please do contact me.

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